Preparing for COVID-19 in Croatia: R+ Video Tour of Pula Hospital

By 27 March 2020

March 27, 2020 - How prepared is Croatia for COVID-19? Elvis Morina for R+ meets the medical team in the front line in Pula hospital. 

There is no question that the Croatian authorities are taking the coronavirus threat seriously. Strict new measures and travel restrictions have come into effect in recent days, and some Oxford University research has placed Croatia at the top of the list in its government response tracker for implementing strict measures. 

But how does the situation look in the front line, and who are the front line workers?

A really excellent snapshot of the situation as Pula hospital was posted by the new media outlet, R+, which has been founded by Robert Tomic Zuber and the team from the Rab Film Festival, we well as other partners. You can learn more about R+ here, as well as seeing some of other excellent coronavirus video reporting from Croatia and the region in this previous TCN article

An interesting - and reassuring - video report by Elvis Morina takes us inside Pula hospital, where reporter Elvis Morina speaks with the medical staff in the front line, and he is also shown the various procedures and facilities there. Helpfully, the video is available with English subtitles. 

You can follow the latest TCN coverage of the coronavirus crisis on our dedicated section

The new portal has some excellent contributions from regional journalists as well, as they document their corona story from their own self-isolation. 

One that I found particularly moving was from Marko, a Serbian journalist currently locked down in Madrid

No subtitles to this one but not one I will forget in a hurry. 

You can follow the latest additions to the R+ project on the official website here, or follow the YouTube channel

TCN intends to join the growing number of independent media contribution to Tomic Zuber's project, and we will have our first video on R+ shortly.