Klepetan Returns to Malena for the Last Time Before Passing Away

By 29 August 2019

The beautiful Croatian love story, involving not two people but two storks, won hearts all over the globe. As did the carer of the two birds, who explained not only the devotion between Klepetan and Malena, but his devotion to the care of the pair.

Tragically, this love story has reached its end, and these birds stuck to the principle of ''until death do us part'' much more accurately than the majority of humans.

As RTL writes on the 28th of August, 2019, Croatia's feathered Romeo and Juliet story has sadly come to an end, as Malena loses her life partner, Klepetan.

Klepetan returned from his annual travels to Brodski Varoš on March the 18th this year, much earlier than usual, but did not return to stay with his partner Malena through the summer, but to say a final goodbye to her after a lifetime of loyal togetherness.

Retired janitor Stjepan Vokić, who has been caring for Malena for thirty years, explained that his ''Klepo'' returned to the nest and his beloved Malena for the last time looking old, tired, and very unwell.

"Four of them (birds) came and began making some very sad noises. I knew then that Klepo had gone, he had died. You know how they say that birds die singing," Vokić sadly said.

''Malena gave birth to 66 little ones, that's enough for one mother. I'm very attached to her. I don't go to the coast or with friends anywhere, I always just worry about her. I try to find fish to feed her, but it's very difficult because she is devastated,'' said Stjepan, who despite all the problems he has in caring for Malena and her little ones, remains loyal to her.

Stjepan went around the local area looking for Klepetan after he came to bid a final goodbye to Malena, but could not find him. It was then clear to him that Klepetan had passed away.

The heartwarming love story of Malena and her eternally faithful Klepetan ended up on the famous site ''The Dodo'' and delighted hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Rest in peace, Klepetan.