Speeding BMW Ploughs into Stationary Cars at Motorway Toll Booth: 3 Critical (VIDEO)

By 12 July 2019

July 12, 2019 - A terrible car crash on the A4 motorway between Zagreb and Varazdin, as a BMW with Cakovec plates ploughs into two stationary Hungarian cars at a toll booth. 

A horrible car cash was captured on camera and reported by 24 Sata. Miraculously, there are no fatalities, at least not yet as three people remain in critical condition. 

The incldent occurred at the Sv Helena toll booth on the A4 motorway between Zagreb and Varazdin. Two Hungarian cars were patiently waiting to pay the toll, when a BMW with Cakovec plates arrived at speed, its driver obviously oblivious to the imminent toll booth. 

The BMW crashed into the back of a Hungarian Skoda with such force that it hit the concrete, went into the air and moved the kiosk. The car was destroyed. Firemen were quickly on the scene, and it took them 45 minutes to extract the three passengers, one child and her parents. All three are in critical condition. 

Much more information and photos on 24 Sata - you can see the moment of impact in the video below.