Ivica Todorić's Bail Stands at 7.5 Million Kuna Cash

By 15 November 2018

Ivica Todorić's huge bail sum must be paid in cash. Just some spare change, then?

After a year-long stay in London, which was made up entirely of Ivica Todorić attempting to find a way out of the British extraditing him to Croatia to face trial, the former Agrokor boss returned to his country on the 7th of November, 2018, exactly one year after handing himself in to the Metropolitan police and paying a massive £100,000 bail fee for his relative freedom in the British capital.

His time in London was spent fighting his cause, from texts on his now infamous blog, to creating a YouTube channel and speaking directly to his audience, to then giving exclusive interviews when he felt those methods weren't enough.

Rumours of him having hired powerful British lawyers to help him fight his corner flew around, including one about him having engaged the formidable Michael O'Kane, a lawyer specialising in extradition from the United Kingdom, who has dealt with high profile, complicated cases involving the likes of the Russian mafia. 

It was all in vain, and after several delays and hearings, the British finally extradited the former tycoon back to Croatia. Just says after the order, Ivica Todorić was seen in London Heathrow awaiting a regular Croatia Airlines flight to Zagreb. He was escorted by police, his wife Vesna Todorić was not allowed to sit with him, and on board the aircraft (which was delayed), he was separated from all other passengers. He read English newspapers and ate nothing, drinking only Jana water, which was offered to him by the Croatia Airlines stewardesses. 

Although photography was strictly forbidden on board, some managed, and when Todorić was asked how he was feeling, he said he ''felt good'', which is much more than could be said of his wife, Vesna, who was visibly shaken and provided a statement to those on board that her husband was innocent and that he had misappropriated nothing from Agrokor.

Upon landing at Zagreb's Franjo Tudjman Airport, Vesna went home and Ivica Todorić was taken by the police, away from the main passenger terminal, to a police van which was already waiting for him, and directly to Remetinec prison in Zagreb.

Since being imprisoned, Todorić's lawyer, Jadranka Sloković, who has been with him throughout his ordeal in both Croatia and Britain, have sought bail, claiming that Todorić has no reason to be kept behind bars as he poses no threat of influencing witnesses. The Croatian authorities have in turn argued that while that may be true, there is a risk of flight. His earlier ''trip'' to London confirming that concern.

With that being said, has a potential resolve been reached for the former Agrokor boss? 

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 15th of November, 2018, a bail amount of 7.5 million kuna has been set for Todorić, and if that amount is paid in cash, he can leave Remetinec. Zagreb County Court's spokesman Kresimir Devčić confirmed this.

As stated, the cash amount of 7.5 million kuna must be paid in cash for Todorić to taste freedom before his trial, the date of which still remains unknown as yet.

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