Battle for Šibenik Began 27 Years Ago Today

By 16 September 2018

Commemorations and pride as the 27th anniversary of the battle for Šibenik is marked.

As SibenikIN writes on the 16th of September, 2018, on this day 27 years ago, at 17:57 the Battle for Šibenik officially began. The battle lasted until September the 23rd and marked a meaningful milestone in the overall defense of Croatia.

On September the 16th, the JNA sent its tanks into Šibenik, and the first alarm was heard in the afternoon, before the beginning of a historic battle which would result in the capture of a large number of ships belonging to the Yugoslav Navy, winning control over the barracks located around Rogoznica and Žirje, defeating JNA aircraft, and forcing the enemy away from the city.

Šibenik was defended, Šibenik bridge was defended, and the Adriatic highway was defended, the Yugoslav aggressors were then forced to withdraw. Following Šibenik's heroic defense, the international community began to accept that Yugoslavia was doomed to dissolution, and the process of Croatia's recognition as an independent nation began.

The central part of the program of the anniversary of the Iron War will be held on September the 16th in Vodice by a recreational cycling rally which began at 16:00. Things will continue with the commemoration and the laying of wreaths at the monument to the Croatian defenders who lost their lives during the Homeland War. At 20:00, Šime Strikoman's film ''Vodice, Šibenik 91/92'', will be screened, followed by an event-appropriate cultural and entertainment program with performances from Klapa Bunari, Oršulice, and Bonaca.

On September the 17th, wreath laying at the Šibenik bridge will commence, after which, at 11:00, Msgr. Tomislav Rogić will conduct a mass for the Croatian defenders who have now passed away.

On September the 19th, at 18:00, the ''War Path of the 113rd Šibenik Brigade'' will be held, and people will be invited to hear first hand how this battle was won.

The program will then end with the commemoration to those who lost their lives fighting for Croatia's independence from Yugoslavia and against Greater Serbian aggression on Friday, September the 21st, and on that same day, the laying of wreaths will continue across various historically significant local locations.