Mljet Finally Gets Water From Mainland

It only took three decades, but, better late than never!

As Morski writes on the 30th of June, 2018, thirty years (only) after setting up an underwater pipeline between the Pelješac peninsula and Mljet, the project has finally been completed and Mljet has finally managed to obtain a proper water supply from the mainland. Beginning on Monday, the first households' connections to the water supply network is set to begin.

The water supply of the island of Mljet has so far been based on the well-drilling of the water boil that is being treated over the desalinizator, to reach the water through the water supply systems of the Neretva-Pelješac-Korčula-Lastovo-Mljet waterways and from very low volume sources.

When it comes to safety, quality and quantity, it was necessary to realise a way of supplying water from the mainland from the Neretva-Pelješac-Korčula-Lastovo-Mljet regional water supply system, Croatian water (Hrvatske vode) reported.
In order for the inhabitants of Mljet finally to have the possibility of enjoying a water supply from the aforementioned network, the construction of a water supply pipeline on the Pelješac peninsula from Janjina water tower, through Žuljana to Kupjenova bay began. The total contracted value of the water supply pipeline amounted to 22.5 million kuna, meaning it was no small feat. In Kupnjenova bay, the Janjina-Žuljane-Kupnjenova pipeline has been connected to the existing underwater pipeline, which will bring mainland water to the island of Mljet.

Over the last few years in the area of ​​the National Park, a pipeline for the Goveđari and Babina settlements has been built, totaling about 5.3 million kuna. The distribution pipeline in the area of ​​the Pomena and Polače settlements has yet to be implemented, and solving the water supply of the islet of Sv. Marija is another next step. The total projected amount for the realisation of these projects stands at about 4.3 million kuna.

In order to get the water from the underwater pipeline into the pipeline constructed in the area of ​​NP Mljet, it was necessary to build a pipeline from the sea to the Straža water tank, and then from there with a connecting pipeline. The total contract value of this project amounts to approximately 12.2 million kuna. The construction is co-financed by Hrvatske vode based on the terms set out by the Water Management Plan.