Communal Services Refuse to Remove Five Pointed Star Graffiti in Primošten

Unwanted and disrespectful graffiti appears on a momument dedicated to the victims of all totalitarian regimes in Primošten, and it seems that the mayor isn't in any rush to get rid of it...

As SibenikIN writes on the 6th of June, 2018, a provocative five-pointed red star, typically associated with the communist regime, appeared yesterday on a monument to the victims of all totalitarian regimes in Primošten Burnji.

The police, upon being notified by residents, went out on the field, logged the incident and passed the case on to municipal officials, but, as has since been learned from the office of the mayor of Primošten, Stipe Petrina, the competent communal authorities will not be engaged in the removal of the disrespectful graffiti as the aforementioned monument isn't ''on their ground''.

''Yesterday, at 09:58, we received a message that a red five pointed star had been painted on a monument in Primošten. We went out onto the field, and informed the municipal authorities,'' stated the Šibenik police.

However, Stipe Petrina made sure to state, the communal services under him will not be dealing with the controversial red star.

''They won't be cleaning anything up, it's not our property, but that of the agricultural cooperatives, so let them deal with it. As far as I'm concerned, let them draw ten more of them, and then let them clean it up. It's completely unnecessary to me,'' Petrina scandalously stated.

''It's uncultured and arouses people's confusion. That sign does not belong there, it's the sign of a totalitarian system, not of democracy. What's the intent of the person who did it? Is it just a delinquent or a conviction? This should certainly be remedied and cleaned up,'' stated Don Stipe Perkov, who added that this should be a monument of reconciliation because that monument bears the names of people from the area who were killed during varous wars.

"This is where most people and tourists pass, so it's really not nice to see it, especially during these times, times in which it doesn't belong," Blaž Jurin added briefly.