Payment to Walk at Trakošćan Park as of April 1

By 14 March 2018

A price hike for Trakošćan.

Professional guides who contact the park with a prior announcement of their arrival with a tour group will pay 200 kuna per group upon entry.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 14th of March, 2018, as of April the 1st this year, walking in the park around Trakošćan Castle will come with a new charge and a ticket system will be implemented for the entire park grounds.

According to the price list which is set to come into force at the very beginning of April 2018, a ticket to enter the park will come at a cost five kuna, entrance to the park and the castle grounds themselves comes with a 40 kuna price tag, and for students under the age of 18, the ticket price is halved to 20 kuna.

As previously stated  and as reported earlier by, professional guides will be charged 200 kuna per tour group, and children under seven years of age will have free access to the park and castle, as has been published on the top tourist attraction's website.

Trakošćan is a popular and protected cultural heritage consisting of a picturesque castle, garden houses, gardens, lakes, park-forests and more.

Now, and up until the 1st of April, only entrance to the castle itself is charged, and the current price is 30 kuna for adults and 15 kuna for children.