Investment: Four Million Kuna for Varaždin's ''Green Station''

By 19 February 2018

An investment on its way to one Northern Croatian town.

Works on the praiseworthy project are set to begin in early June this year.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 19th of February, 2018, the City of Varaždin will have the first "green station" (zeleni kolodvor) in the Republic of Croatia. The renovation project of the current bus station, which was built back in 1965, was met with numerous comments from residents who have been complaining about its poor condition for years - from the ugly appearance of the building itself, to the crowded waiting room, to unpleasant odors from the public toilets.

By the time this autumn comes around, the much anticipated green station will welcome passengers, after finally being upgraded and redesigned, writes. In addition to the already existing 290 square meters, an additional 80 square meters and a green roof terrace will be constructed, and the entire investment in the project is estimated at approximately four million kuna.

As stated, works will begin in early June this year, and Mayor Ivan Čehok has said that the current station is dysfunctional.

"It's a conservation-protected space, there's no huge construction, and in this way, it will endure the test of time. With this renovation, reconstruction and upgrading, it will surely meet all the needs of Varaždin's residents, our guests and tourists, and moreso because we've immediately gone with the green station and green city transport,'' noted the mayor.

Prof. dr. sc. Antun Presečki, the owner of AP Varaždin, announced that the station will also run electric buses that do not pollute the environment and also save on energy.