Rapska Plovidba Builds Large Ferry for 99 Vehicles and 594 Passengers

By 13 February 2018

A 60 million kuna investment has seen the creation of Rapska Plovidba's largest ferry to date.

An enormous step for Rapska Plovidba as the new vessel is set to generate huge revenue, helping not only the company but the island and its entire approach to tourism.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 13th of Februrary, 2018, Rapska Plovidba never had a ferry in its fleet that comes even close to Četiri Zvonika, the absolute largest vessel in the company's fleet so far.

As Novi List writes, with its capacity and maritime characteristics, Rapska Plovidba's brand new ferry, worth nearly 60 million kuna, is a major step forward for the company as well as for the entire island, its tourism offer and further development.

The shiny new ferry can transport 99 vehicles and 594 passengers at once, while the total capacity of Rapska Plovidba's current fleet, with four ferries, is otherwise 166 vehicles and 1,082 passengers.

With a total power of 1,788 kilowatts and a speed of up to 12,5 knots, the new vessel will work the line of Stinica - Mišnjak, and aside from the significant reduction of queues of tourists who arrive on Rab during the summer, a safer connection of the island with the mainland during the winter period across the Velebit channel will now be ensured.

The new ferry is truly impressive, both from the outside and from the inside. At 79 meters in length and 17.5 meters in width, the ferry was launched in September 2017. On the first deck, there is a comfortable passenger seat with 116 seats, while another 172 seats are provided for passengers wishing to enjoy the view from the deck of the ferry.  There are six cabins on the other deck to accommodate the crew while the command bridge is equipped with up to date, modern navigation devices.

The official delivery of this latest beauty to Rapska Plovidba's fleet was completed last Thursday and its maiden voyage is set to take place next month, where the vessel will carry passengers and vehicles between Mišnjak and Stinica for the very first time. For images, click here.