Dragana Haines Vows Revenge on Husband's Killers

By 11 February 2018

''Bring those dogs to me.''

Dragana Haines, the widow of the late David Haines, has spoken out on the occasion of the arrest of the individuals who murdered her husband, vowing to deliver her own justice.

As the British metro writes on the 10th of February, 2018, Haines, of Sisak, Croatia, vowed to take revenge upon the vile men who beheaded her husband back in September 2014. According to The Times, Haines stated ''Bring those dogs to me. Or take me to where they are and grant me six hours alone with each of them. I promise they'd be alive after I'm done with them. Not sure they'd want to be, though''.

The group of men, which included the infamous ''Jihadi John'' (Mohammed Emwazi) who was killed during a US air strike back in 2015, and Aine Davis, who is serving a seven and a half year sentence after his conviction in Turkey, were referred to rather disturbingly as the Isis ''Beatles'', named after the famous UK band owing to their obvious English accents.

Alexanda Kotey and Shafee Elsheikh are both from the United Kingdom, one from London and one from Paddington, and were detained in January. According to metro's report, their detainment had been kept quiet until an American newspaper published it.

The four were linked to a number of hostage murders in both Syria and in Iraq during the Islamic uprising.

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