Illegal Construction Works Underway on Biševo Island, Residents Protest

By 20 December 2017

The citizens' initiative aims to prevent the Dalmatian island gem from getting covered in concrete

A couple of days after we reported that the Vis archipelago might become a UNESCO-protected geopark in near future, some worrying news from the island of Biševo, best known as the home to the world-renowned Blue Cave.

According to residents of Biševo, unauthorised construction works are currently taking place near the church of St Silvester and the medieval monastery, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on December 20, 2017.

The illegal works are negatively affecting the peaceful ambiance of Poje, the town that used to be the centre of life on Biševo.

The Biševo Island Artist Residency launched a petition appealing to the Conservation Department in Split to visit the location and protect the priceless archaeological site from devastation that might result from illegal construction.

"This is the only way for us to alert the public of the outrageous violation of the law and the terror that is getting inflicted on the cultural and natural heritage of Biševo island", says the statement.

According to the petition initiators, part of the work carried out during the latest conservation project has been left unfinished by the contractors. Early Christian remains have been discovered on the church grounds, some of them dating back to the 6th century; the workers supposedly left behind an open tomb with uncovered bones still in clear sight.

The island population is appealing to the authorities to protect the unspoilt scenery and the cultural heritage of Biševo in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of various 'entrepreneurs'.

See the ongoing works in the video below: