Brodosplit Sends New Contingent of Steel Dams to Venice

By 14 September 2017

One of the largest construction projects in Italy's history is the installation of a total of 78 dams.

On the barge for the transport of special cargo from the Split Shipbuilding Industry is a new contingent of steel dams that have been created over the last few months, reports Dalmacija Danas and Dalmatinski Portal on September 13, 2017. 



The barge, which is named 'Archimedes', is 91.5 meters long, 27.5 meters wide, and has a capacity of 9600 tons - it is currently transporting four dams with a total weight of 1300 tons. The steel dams will be delivered to the mouth of the lagoon in front of Venice where the dams will be built with the powerful "Garibaldo" tugboat.

According to the construction contract and the needs of the client, Brodosplit has already built and transported 43 dams to Venice, while 12 remaining dams will be transported in the next three weeks, and eight will be completed in March of next year.

Following the international tenders for the construction of 63 steel dams to be installed at the Malamocco, Chioggia and San Nicolo sea passes, which go through the Venice Lagoon to Venice to stop the impact of the tide on the city, Brodosplit was chosen as the best builder and will permanently remain on the list of companies that have contributed to saving Venice from the great problems their tide brings.



One of the largest construction projects in Italy's history is the installation of these 78 dams. Brodosplit will deliver dams with dimensions of 27-30 times 20 meters, heights of 4-5 meters and weights of 320-380 tons, including 20,000 tons of built-in steel.



The dams are designed as unique reservoirs filled with air or water. The filled water will lie at the bottom of the sea, while the filled air will rise to the surface of the sea and close the entrances to the lagoon. When the air is exhausted, it will replenish itself with water and lie at the bottom of the sea.



The project 'MOSE' is an integrated protection system consisting of a series of mobile dams capable of closing the Venice Lagoon from the Adriatic Sea when the tide reaches a determined level (110 cm) and up to a maximum of three meters.

Translated from Dalmacija Danas and Dalmatinski Portal