A Concerning Discovery on Lokrum

By 4 September 2017

Lokrum Firefighters come across an unusual find on the island...

As DuList reports on the 4th of September, 2017, the beautiful island of Lokrum which lies a mere 600m from Dubrovnik's shoreline is finding itself more and more prone to becoming a waste disposal site.

While no rubbish is good, some rubbish is just aesthetically ugly, but some types pose a great danger to all who visit the island, and during the summer months the island sees an incomprehensible number of tourists come and go throughout the day, multiple times per day.

The Lokrum firefighters who take care of the island and its animals and nature have come across an unusual and concerning find, a smoke bomb. This dangerous ''toy'' can cause a smoke curtain which results in visual impairment, and it does not need to be mentioned that a fire can also be started.

After an absolutely horrendous summer of fires which have ravaged the coastline in various locations, it goes without saying that sensitivities are heightened and that a fire on Lokrum would be beyond catastrophic, accidental or otherwise.