Dead Dolphin Stranded in Sotorišće Bay on Silba For Four Days

By 31 August 2017

Floating for four days, the dolphin carcass found on Sotorišće beach still hasn’t been removed.

The carcass of a dead dolphin has been stranded for four days in Sotorišće Bay on the island of Silba, at one of the most popular sandy beaches, where many families with children come to swim, reports a bitter reader to, on August 30, 2017.

“The animal's carcass has been lying there stranded on the beach for days. Tourists are fleeing the place due to the horrible smell that has been spreading throughout the entire beach and Silba settlement as well. It is outrageous that the local authorities are not doing anything to solve this issue," says the reader of, who has a restaurant in Sotorišće, whose work is greatly affected by this decaying carcass nearby.

"Nobody in their right mind would want to swim on that beach," adds the reader.

On Wednesday, the reporters of Jutarnji have tried to contact Tourist Board Silba for a comment, but to no avail. According to, the islanders told that the local authorities have been notified about this issue, who then have contacted the competent institutions, which have not yet responded.

Also, county centre 112 received a call on Monday at 12.07 P.M. about the dolphin carcass floating in the sea at Šotorišće Bay in Silba.






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