Wildfires in Dalmatia UPDATE: Village of Pavići Evacuated, Two Fires in Kistanje Merged into One Large Fire

By 22 August 2017

Firefighters are still fighting fires in ​​Split-Dalmatia County, Hvar and several other locations. In Šibenik-Knin County, the situation is critical.

Fires which have been raging in Dalmatia for the past few days are still not under control, reports on August 22, 2017.

21:45 The fire at Promina is under control now, around 150 firefighters soldiers will continue to put it out during the night. According to the head of the fire department of the Šibenik-Knin County, Darko Dukić, the houses in Đevrske have been defended from the fire.

"I came from Promina an hour ago, we are keeping that fire under control. There are still parts where the open fire is raging, which are like time bombs. There are about 150 firefighters and soldiers fighting the blaze. In Đevrske, the houses were saved from the fire and, most importantly, no one was hurt," said the county firefighter Dukić.

Another fire is active, the one near Bribir, which merged with the in the neighbouring Zadar county.

20:10 Due to the fire that broke out in Đevrske on Tuesday, 12 people were evacuated from the village of Pavići near Bribir, and relocated to Skradin, reports the County Center 112 in Šibenik.

Šibenik-Knin County still has an active fire on Svilaj mountain. A new fire on the Benkovac road, which broke out after 3 P.M. will soon be extinguished. The canadair is helping the firefighters on land, reports 112 County Center. "We can not say exactly how many firefighters are on the field because they are constantly being transferred. At the moment, the most alarming situation is in Đevrske, where 12 people have been evacuated around 7 P.M. from the village of Pavići behind Bribir. They were transported to Skradin Primary School," states the 112 County Centre Šibenik.


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19:00 The Air Forces have been helping out firefighters all day long. The Kistanje-Đevrske fire merged with the one in the Ostrovica settlement near Lišane Ostrovičk. The air forces are devoting maximum efforts to defend the settlements and houses.

The Airtractor AT-802 has been putting out the fire in Pristeg whole day, stopping it from spreading to the Zagreb-Split motorway, and defending the border areas which are marked as mine suspected areas.

Meanwhile, a new fire occurred in Zaton near Šibenik, where two Canadairs CL-415 have quickly put it under control.

New fires also broke out in Lećevica, in the hinterland of Kozjak Mountain where Canadair was immediately sent, and the two Mi-8 MTV helicopters are putting out a fire near Imotski.


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17:40 Thanks to the rapid intervention of all available firefighters on the island of Brač, the fire that broke out in Pučišća was put out, which even threatened the houses at one moment," said the commissioner of DVD Supetar Nikola Martinić. "Five and a half hectares burned, half of which were olive groves, and the rest mostly shrubs and forest," said Martinić.



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