Wildfires in Dalmatia Update: State of Emergency Declared, Several State Roads Closed

By 22 August 2017

Most fires are under control and inhabited villages are not in danger, but firefighters still have many fires to put out, reports on August 22, 2017.

8.35 Expert teams spend the night preparing and servicing Canadairs to help fight the blaze on August 22.

8.17 State of emergency declared for all firefighters in the country, Slavko Tucaković, Chief Fire Commander of Croatia, said.

7.55 HAK reports that Due to forest fire the following roads are closed for traffic:

  • DC27 state road Benkovac-Stankovci in Pristeg,
  • DC59 state road between Knin and Pirovac in the town of Kistanje and all other local and county roads in the vicinity,
  • ŽC6066 county road in the town of Pristeg.

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Vatrogasci - oni su naši heroji, Facebook

7.51 Drniš fire was put under control thanks to the superhuman efforts made by firefighters.

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Vatrogasci - oni su naši heroji, Facebook

7.42 The fire that broke out in Vrulje, west of Brela, near Makarska on Monday evening, around 8.30 p.m., was put under control. Aided by bura wind, the fire quickly spread to the Adriatic Highway, started spreading towards the coast, Slobodna Dalmacija reports.

200 firefighters and 37 vehicles from Split-Dalmatia and Dubrovnik-Neretva came to help the firefighters from Makarska. Several Pisak inhabitants were evacuated, but are set to return to their homes this morning.

The firefighters are performing recovery and cleanup operations and putting out smaller fires caused by burnt trees.

7.37 Firefighters and volunteers from the Šibenik area are still fighting the blaze in Promina, Š reports. The situation is better than last night, when the fire came very close to people's houses. 

"The situation is much better than 5-6 hours ago. Together with Šibenik-Knin County firefighters, colleagues from the continental part of the country, several army troops and hunting associations who spend their time at Promina, we have managed to stop the bigger part of the wildfire that was headed toward Drniš. 

We are currently trying to put out a second fire, headed to villages of Tarlići and Raići, but populated villages are not currently in danger. One hundred soldiers who joined us will help us in recovery operations," Fire Chief Darko Dukić said for Hrvatski radio (the Croatian Radio).

7.15 The fire in Dubci currently poses no threat to the villages and houses, and firefighters are preventing it from spreading towards Brela.

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Vatrogasci - oni su naši heroji, Facebook

6.15 Additional firefighters were sent to help the blaze on Hvar, near Stari Grad, that broke out on Monday morning.

4.00 The fire coming from Promina mountain is still spreading towards Drniš, and some 400 firefighters and volunteers are currently fighting the blaze.