Wildfires Break Out in Zadar County, Benkovac Area Still in Danger

By 21 August 2017

A dozen separate fires broke out last night in Zadar County, reports Slobodna Dalmacija on August 21, 2017.

Firefighting aircraft has been deployed to multiple sites on Monday morning. According to the Public Fire Department Zadar, the Benkovac municipality is seeing the worst situation at the moment, and there have been talks about possible evacuation of the area.



Željko Šoša, the commander of the Fire Department Zadar, said the firemen have been fighting the blaze throughout the night. "Most fires are under control, but there are two or three we haven't yet contained, mostly in the area around Benkovac town", he said, adding they're suspecting arson: "Well, if you get ten to fifteen fires breaking out in the course of two hours, from 20 to 22, it's hard to believe there's another possible reason."

The state road DC56 Kožlovac-Lišane is currently closed for traffic.