Wind Prevents Some Flights Landing at Dubrovnik Airport

By 13 August 2017

Strong wind this morning caused air traffic problems in the south of Croatia, several airplanes were diverted to other airports.

DuList reports on yet more unfavourable weather in southern Croatia on the 13th of August, 2017, as Dubrovnik Airport comfirms that strong winds prevented some flights from landing in Cilipi this morning.

"We had several planes that did not land this morning, but we hope the situation will normalise throughout the day. Easyjet was sent to Brindisi, Transavia went to Zadar, and Alitalia to Tirena. Other planes have landed and taken off normally'' said Miho Zglav of Dubrovnik Airport.

According to the information published on the HAK website, there has been no disturbance in road traffic owing to the conditions, but this is not the case for maritime traffic as the Dubrovnik-Korcula-Hvar-Bol-Split catamaran line is currently not in service.


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