Southern Croatia Trembles: Earthquake Recorded on Pelješac

By 10 August 2017

First in the north, now in the south...

Just after Rijeka and the Kvarner area got done with its fair share of rumbling over the past couple of days, it seems southern Croatia has now fallen victim to Mother Earth's disgruntlement. 

As 24sata reports on the 10th of August, 2017, this is the second earthquake in the area over the past two days. On the 8th of August in the early hours of the morning there was a moderate 3.3 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter recorded on the Peljesac peninsula close to the town of Drače.

EMSC reports that a 3.2 magnitude earthquake located in the Adriatic, 56 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik and 8 kilometers west of Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina) struck the area this morning.

At 08:00, seismographs from the Seismological Service of Croatia recorded a moderate earthquake with an epicenter on Pelješac near Janjina. 

No damage, material or otherwise has been reported.

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