Managing Waste in Croatia: Koprivnica First to Use Smart Compactors

By 12 January 2016

Innovative waste solutions in Koprivnica.

KOMUNALAC Ltd. Koprivnica the first in Croatia to obtain smart compactors from world leading manufacturer of waste management system and recycling in public areas.

Two weeks ago GKP Komunalac Ltd. Koprivnica set up two innovative compactors for the disposal of municipal waste: Bigbelly and Bigbelly Smart in the center of the City of Koprivnica in an attempt to improve efficiency and a help to preserve the clean environment in the city, according to a press release on January 11, 2016.

Bigbelly system is the future of waste management and recycling. In addition to saving money, it will help to preserve the clean environment. Its characteristics can guarantee the citizens of Koprivnica even greater enjoyment in clean environment and will enable the City to enter the world’s map of "smart cities".

BigBelly system for smart waste management and recycling in public spaces has the following characteristics:

•Leading and award winning system for smart waste management and recycling in public areas
•The ideal solution for ICT projects
•Bigbelly stations smart treatment and recycling of waste is currently present in over 1,500 cities in more than 47countries worldwide. Smart and connected via cellular network and using solar energy supplied to the integrated solar panels, Bigbelly cell potential is a platform for many other technology needed in public areas such as WiFi hotspot, sensors for measuring noise, pedestrian traffic, air pollution, and many other parameters,without the use of additional sources of energy.

This smart solution is easy to use, easily to implement and the effect is detectable immediately after the beginning of the application: smart containers reduce operating costs by 80%, contribute to significant reduction in C02 emissions and give citizens greener and neater public city areas.

An important component of Bigbelly is its software which enables the Cloud collecting data of each individual cell and, in real time, gives users information about the condition and occupancy of the containers.

This system provides:
•Reduction of operating costs of public utilities to 80%; a smaller number of garbage collecting by trucks, fuel savings, reducing C02 emissions
•Eliminates visible waste, prevents waste dispersal by wind and prevents access by vermin
•Encourages recycling in public places
•Results in satisfaction of the citizens and a smaller number of complaints

Komunalac purchased two containers: Bigbelly and Bigbelly SMART to the value of ​​67,500.00 kuna.

1) Bigbelly - container for the disposal of municipal waste, which works on a solar-powered compactor compression of waste and sends a signal of the container filling status. Storage capacity is from 600 to 800 liters of mixed waste (inner tank has 125 liters). Bigbelly is used for mixed waste instead of waste bins (with a capacity of about 25 small traditional bins for municipal waste).

2) Smartbelly - container for the disposal of municipal waste, which works on a solar- powered compactor without compression of waste and also sends a signal of the container filling status. Storage capacity is 190 liters. Smartbelly is used for the recycling of glass, paper, plastics, biodegradable waste and cans in public areas and in addition is a part of the Bigbelly tanks.

With the puchase of this innovative system GKP Komunalac Ltd. has once again managed to show the City of Koprivnica is a champion of sustainable development in the Republic of Croatia, putting it on the map along with 1,500 other cities around the world, including cities like New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Amsterdam and others.