Zagreb Mayor’s Latest ‘Fetish’: HRK 5.2 million for flags?!

By 1 August 2017

Are Flags Bandić's New Fetish?

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić has already purchased 3000 flags in May and now plans on buying additional 30,000 in different sizes, reports 24.sata.

"Patriotism is not expressed by overspending. You cannot hide the problems of the city under a flag. This is just too much," said the candidate for Zagreb SDP leader Dominik Etlinger, criticising the mayor's new purchase. Although the mayor has already purchased 3000 flags back in May, this doesn’t seem to be enough. Now he is buying additional 29,352 flags which will soon be flapping in the Croatian capital.

The City of Zagreb issued a tender for the purchase of 14,400 flags of the Republic of Croatia, 14,316 flags of the City of Zagreb and 636 flags of the European Union for the next four years. The value of this procurement is estimated at HRK 5.2 million. The initial deadline for the submission of bids was first extended from July 24th to four days later, only to be extended again until August 3rd. What's more, Bandić announced the purchase of an additional 45 masts in the Peace and Friendship Park, near the Zagreb's Town Hall, where all the flags of Zagreb's sister cities will be hoisted.

"It is my contribution to strengthening the patriotism of Zagreb folk, and teaching them to love their country," says Bandić.

Dominik Etlinger does not support mayor's new 'flag fetish'. He believes that there are far more important things to spend that money on.

"The true patriotic act is paying taxes, investing in education, and protecting the environment. I call on Mr Bandić to allocate more funds to kindergartens and schools, close the Jakuševac landfill, and pay his taxes on time, if he really wants to show how patriotic he is. Instead of wrapping himself in the flags”, says Etlinger.

"I am sure that the NZH and HDZ partners would agree," concluded Etlinger.



Translated from 24.sata