Shocking Find: One Huge Cruise Ship Does More Damage to Environment than One Million Cars

Shocking findings from the British Channel 4 program ''Dispatches'' which uncovers the true damage done to the Adriatic sea owing to seemingly unbridled cruise ships.

Last month, the city of Venice voted to ban giant cruise ships from the lagoon of the Italian tourist Mecca due to its damaging and almost entirely negative effects on both the lives of the residents and other tourists, not to mention the environment.

Croatia has a big problem with a truly huge number of cruise ships coming in and out almost daily during the summer months, with Dubrovnik suffering the most.

Just recently, an article by the British media giant The Telegraph cited the ''death of Dubrovnik'', much to the agreement of the residents of the city, myself included. You can read the article and find out more about Dubrovnik's very specific problems by clicking here and here. Familiarise yourself with the staggering and completely unsustainable numbers here. It is a subject that is never ending and seemingly difficult to resolve despite the efforts of various individuals and bodies.

This shocking find comes from latest research undertaken by Britain's Channel 4 ''Dispatches'' team, a popular documentary series which works to uncover the truth behind various controversial issues from food hygiene and safety to what really goes on behind the closed doors of social services. The team secretly set up pollution measuring devices on one of the cruisers and the results provided were startling to say the very least: One such huge passenger ship pollutes as much air as one million cars.

As DuList reported, Dubrovnik's SDP Councilor Kristina Ćurčija spoke on the long-running issue of cruise ships on Friday. She said that according to her information, the Republic of Croatia earns 53m euros from cruise ships annually, and the pollution damage amounts to a massive 338m euros.

''In just two days, two huge cruisers do as much damage to the environment as every single car registered in Croatia combined'' stated Ćurčija.