Gari Cappelli: ''Croatia, full of life'' is heading for the history books, we need a new, more ''Croatian'' slogan!

''Croatia, full of life'' is soon to be chucked, in favour of a new, more ''Croatian'' slogan, says Tourism Minister Gari Cappelli.

The long-standing ''Croatia, full of life'' (Hrvatska, puna zivota) slogan that has come to dominate the Croatian tourism industry is heading into the realms of the past according to Gari Cappelli who spoke to RTL on the matter. He believes that the new slogan needs to be more ''nationally painted'' and be more Croatian.

In Mr Cappelli's opinion, ''Croatia, full of life'' hasn't really been, well, full of life. Many would agree with him. The new campaign, he says, needs to be much stronger and, as mentioned, more Croatian. What that means exactly, is of course rather subjective and will almost certainly be a dominating story in the media over the coming weeks, particularly as we enter into the height of 2017's summer season.

Cappelli believes that something needs to alter, but he insists the longtime ''Full of life'' slogan does not have to be entirely removed, it can continue to be applied to one part of the ''package'' as it were, but not as the main slogan for the Croatian National Tourist Board or for the face of Croatia's booming tourism industry. This old slogan (The Mediterranean as it once was/Mediteran kakav je nekad bio) apparently remained more recognisable to tourists than the current ''Full of life'' one, according to the study of the author of the book on Branding Croatia.

"I would certainly prefer a slogan that could tell us what the greatest comparative advantage of Croatia is, which would be very attractive, bring attention and be more memorable," stated communications expert Bozo Skoko.

Otherwise, ''Full of life'' was introduced two years ago by Minister Lorencin. There was a lot of opposition then, and surely there will be once again, and always owing to the same reason; the professionals and the politicians can never unanimously agree on what needs to be communicated to the wider world.

What will Croatia's new ''brand'' be? Time will tell!