Podgora Fire: Latest Situation in Videos

By 18 June 2017

TCN's Vice Rudan with a video and photo tour of the ongoing fire in Dalmatia on 18 June, 2017. 

As previously reported, a large fire has broken out near Podgora in Dalmatia, with tourists evacuated and more than 200 firefighters tackling the blaze. 

TCN's Vice Rudan, a local resident, has been out with his camera to assess the damage - you can see six videos from various locations below - and sent in the following update:

The fire has moved up the mountain in Biokovo, with coastal areas now smouldering with no more fire. The strong bura wind has given over to a more westerly wind. 

The fire came pretty close to the popular beaches Dracevac and Garma in Podgora, but they are not burnt out. Plisivac beach in Podgora as well, at that spot is really close to the three/four houses there, located just on the magistrala road