Renovation of Student Dormitories in Zagreb Nearing Completion

By 12 December 2015

An accommodation upgrade for Zagreb students.

Floors in green and red colour, modern white furniture, LED lamps, new windows, a refrigerator in each room, and wireless internet in each dormitory... That is the new look of renovated Stjepan Radić Student Dormitory Campus, where the technical inspection began yesterday. "After four months of work, we can happily say that everything will be completed on time. We have been working day and night, and now we just have some finishing touches to do", said Ružica Rajšić, assistant manager of the Zagreb Student Centre, reports Jutarnji List on December 12, 2015.

The technical inspection will last for a few days because there are several expert teams which must visit the campus and confirm that the construction works have been done in accordance with regulations. The final team will be the inspection from the Ministry of Education. "Even if they find a mistake, we will solve the problem very quickly. Now, we will start with moving the furniture into the rooms and changing the tiles on stairways. Since it is getting colder outside, the most important thing is that all the external work is done", Rajšić said.

In addition to refurbished interiors, the campus football field was also renovated and now it will be illuminated with new floodlights. Students who have been receiving a monthly subsidy in the amount of 400 kuna for the last three months will start moving in immediately after the New Year. "We expect to begin receiving students on 4 January. Before that, we will publish on our website the ranking list and open the reservation process", the assistant manager said.

Technical inspection of the Cvjetno Naselje Campus is expected to begin a week later. "Since we have over 900 construction workers working here every day, I am sure we are not going to be late with the completion of the project", said Damir Mikulić, manager of the campus. "The former post office has been turned into an extension of recreation hall and gym, while the ground floors of several dormitories have been fully adapted for students with disabilities. We are also going to have dedicated parking spaces for employees of the campus. The only thing which we have not managed to done is the campus restaurant", Mikulić added. Therefore, the restaurant will be renovated over the summer. The rooms at the Cvjetno Naselje campus will also get new furniture, refrigerators and kitchenettes, and each room will have its own bathroom.