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Where are all the Prosciutto Lovers Heading This Weekend? To Drniš, of Course!

By 4 September 2015

Don't miss the 2. Drniš prosciutto festival today and tomorrow

Drniš, town in the Dalmatian hinterland, is most famous for its fantastic prosciutto, and as of last year, the town hosts a festival dedicated to this delicacy. This year's edition is taking place today and tomorrow (September 4-5).


Drniš prosciutto, along with the one made in Istria, Dalmatia and Krk, is one of the most praised products and even though its roots go far into the past, it only made a real name for itself in the 1970s and 1980s when more than 50 000 pieces were produced in various plants in Drniš.



Today, this tradition is cherished and promoted by "Association of Drniš prosciutto producers" with 12 small producers from the entire Drniš area including Miljevci, Mirlović Zagora, Pakovo Selo, Razvođe, Trobunj and Utori Gornji. prosciutto produced in these small production lines all carry the so called "hot stamp", in other words they are allowed to be labelled as an authentic Croatian product of certified geographical origin.

Now back to the festival. All visitors will be able to taste their latest products, participate in round tables, enjoy live concerts and other events including the opening of a unique exhibition on the history of Drniš prosciutto.

Festival is open until 20:00 h today and tomorrow, and for more information (unfortunately, only if your Croatian is good enough or if you trust Google translate), please visit