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Coffee App 'Kava' Conceived in Croatia Launches on App Store

By 27 October 2022

October 29, 2022 - Croatia, a land of inspiration. Meet Sam Brown, a British digital nomad who came for the lifestyle, stayed for the coffee, then launched a spceciality coffee app called Kava. 

Kava, a new speciality coffee app that was conceived in Croatia, has just launched on iPhone and Android. Sam Brown, the founder and lead developer of the app, first thought of the idea after spending time in several of Croatia’s world-class speciality coffee shops, so it was natural to name the app after the Croatian word for coffee, Kava.

In an interview with Total Croatia News, Sam explained:

“As a Digital Nomad, I’m always visiting somewhere new and when I land in an unfamiliar city I want to find the best places to go for speciality coffee. But Google searches often result in inaccurate suggestions and blog recommendations are often untrustworthy or outdated. And if I do find somewhere that sounds good it is often unclear what sort of place I’d find when I get there. Would it be laptop friendly? What sort of food would be on offer?


So I had the idea for an app that solves two problems.

One, it’s a map of the best speciality coffee shops across Europe (and eventually the world) all of which have been approved by us. Whenever you travel to a new place, you can check the Kava app to not only find the best coffee, but also see accurate information about what is on offer at each coffee shop. All this data comes directly from the Kava community so you can trust that it is impartial and up-to-date.

Two, it creates community around speciality coffee. Every time you go for coffee you can rate your experience on Kava. What type of coffee are you drinking? How good is it? What amenities are available?

Users can have fun sharing these ratings, images, comments and likes with their friends and followers. All this data feeds back into the map and gives other Kava users a clearer idea of where they should go for coffee.”

The popularity of speciality coffee has soared in Croatia, with locals, expats, tourists and digital nomads alike now flocking to the country’s speciality coffee shops around the country. Not just confined to the big cities, speciality coffee shops can be found up and down the country from Rovinj to Stari Grad.

Sam adds: “Kava isn’t only aimed at people like me who are constantly traveling. The aim of Kava is to create connections and community between coffee lovers and coffee shops which is just as important at home as it is on the road. We strive to support speciality coffee shops by connecting them to coffee drinkers who care about what’s in their cup. We give coffee lovers a place to share and connect with like-minded coffee drinkers. Above all, we champion the sustainable, ethical speciality coffee industry.”

Kava is available now on iPhone, Android and as a Progressive Web App. Visit to learn more and download the app.

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