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Student Car Builders Present Their Cars at International Event in Novi Marof

By 24 August 2022

ZAGREB, 24 August, 2022 - Rimac Group Formula Student Alpe Adria 2022, a sports and education event bringing together 50 student teams from Europe, Asia, and Africa, started at the ST Rauš kart circuit in Novi Marof, in the northern Varaždin County, on Tuesday.

Students, future engineers from almost all European countries as well as Taiwan, Israel, and Oman, will present the cars they are building at their universities, and the cars will be judged by about a hundred experts from renowned world automobile manufacturing companies and Formula 1.

This is the second year Varaždin County and Novi Marof are hosting the event, which in only one year has become an official event of the international educational project "Formula Student", organised by the Varaždin-based FSAA association, with Rimac Group being its main sponsor.

Tibor Kezelj, president of the FSAA association and the event's main organiser, said that the organisers expect "excellent engineering, great cars, and an attractive event for all teams, visitors and sponsors."

"We are inviting everyone to visit and see the most attractive cars that can be seen currently in Croatia," Kezelj said, adding that luxury cars would also be put on display.

Rimac Group Formula Student Alpe Adria 2022 lasts until Sunday, 28 August.