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Varaždin Flyover - Rimac Nevera Faster than Aerobatic Plane

By 12 June 2022

ZAGREB, 11 June, 2022 - A race between the Rimac Automobili Nevera electric hypercar and an aerobatic plane took place in Varaždin on Saturday as part of a three-day event bringing together owners of supercars, with Nevera winning the race.

During the 20-minute spectacle, which was watched by some 300 spectators, the hypercar and the aerobatic plane developed speeds of more than 350 kph, with the car, developed by Rimac Automobili, winning the race convincingly.

The hypercar was driven by Miroslav Zrnčević, the main test driver for Bugatti Rimac Automobili, who said that Nevera's maximum speed was 420 kph and that its highest speed during today's race was 350 kph.

"Races like these are not common, flying upside down at 300 kph, and on top of that, a strong wind was blowing so the turbulence was bad," said aerobatic pilot Peter Podlunšek, who flew the plane turned upside down above the hypercar.

He said that the race, his first against a hypercar, was technically very demanding.

The participants in the Varaždin event drove in their Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Jaguars, Porches and Maserattis through the streets of Varaždin today, with Nevera being the main attraction.

The organiser of the event, Krešimir Mostarčić, said the participants came from Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Slovenia and that similar events would also be organised in Osijek and Pula.