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Green Cakes: Bruno Peric's Food Intolerance Leads Him to Create Healthy Sweets

By 15 February 2022

February the 15th, 2022 - Bruno Peric, a former basketball player, decided to let his intolerances to certain food lead him down an entrepreneurial path, which saw him create Green Cakes, which are healthy desserts.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marta Duic writes, the Zagreb company Green Cakes headed by athlete Bruno Petric is engaged in the development, production and sale of healthy desserts. They have been operating since the spring of last year, they currently have three employees, and their production plant is located in Brezovica.

According to Bruno Peric, the owner and director of Green Cakes, they have chosen the sign "healthy & sweet" for the slogan, and currently they have 12 cakes, cookies, brownies, but also a catering offer that includes desserts.

"Our goal is to promote a healthy diet, but at the same time prove that healthy can be sweet and delicious without needing to feel guilty. Our desserts are also adapted to people with diabetes, gluten or lactose intolerance and everyone who likes to enjoy healthy and fine flavours, and some of our desserts are also suitable for vegans. My intention is to develop this kind of business in Croatia, to prove that this is possible with our business model and, ultimately, to ensure the availability of healthy sweets to the general population.

As a professional athlete, I have a need for a healthy diet, and thus for healthy desserts. From personal experience of lactose and gluten intolerance, the idea was born that something should be done in terms of the wider availability of healthy desserts. The idea was born and matured during the period of my playing basketball in Germany,'' explained Bruno Peric.

Although they have been in business since the spring, the design and development of these recipes, research into the market for the supply of raw materials, but also the potential for the sale of healthy desserts began, as Bruno explained, much earlier.

Today, Green Cakes products are available through web shops and social media, as well as with HoReCa partners with whom they cooperate, and Peric points out that they also plan to open their own retail outlets. They recently published the book "Health has a new taste", and they're currently working on new products and innovating their existing ones.

“The past period was spent in a detailed acquaintance with the specifics of the market of healthy sweets and our in-depth acquaintance with this type of business. We worked on the development of new products, invested in production equipment and accessories, but also in product testing and analysis and in the education of key users,'' says Bruno Peric.

New partners

As he claims, they procure the raw materials for their sweets exclusively from proven and reliable suppliers, and they also cooperate with several domestic family farms. ''Negotiations are underway with a significant number of new HoReCa partners, so we expect an increase in the number of cafes and restaurants with our products soon,'' said Bruno Peric.

According to him, they plan to establish themselves as the leading producer of healthy sweets in the wider area and to complete the range in accordance with the needs and requirements of the market.

“The market reactions to our products have been positive and they give us incentives to work even harder on new products and innovations. We often receive messages from customers that our healthy desserts confirm our slogan that "health has a new taste". We plan to organise a Green Cakes centre where all development, promotional and educational activities would take place where experts would be involved, such as nutritionists, formulators, diabetologists, gastroenterologists, microbiologists and others,'' concluded Bruno Peric.

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