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GlobalLogic Developing Most Advanced Self-Dosing Insulin Regulation System

By 11 February 2022

February the 11th, 2022 - The Croatian branch of GlobalLogic, a well known company, has become a well recognised brand here in the City of Zagreb. It now has a truly remarkable project to boast of...

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Sergej Novosel Vuckovic writes, more than 100 software engineers are employed here in Zagreb in the Croatian branch of the American company GlobalLogic, specialising in digital engineering and product design, especially in the automotive industry and communications, as well as in finance.

GlobalLogic, owned by Japan's Hitachi Group since last year, recently announced that it has surpassed the figure of more than 10,000 digital engineers in its centres here in Europe (Croatia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ukraine), as well as outside of Europe in Israel, which is 70% more than in 2019, the record pre-pandemic year.

According to GlobalLogica Hrvatska/Croatia, this is a consequence of both organic growth and mergers and acquisitions, and they consider their very impressive five-digit number of employees to be a turning point.

This "tone" is definitely set to continue this year, offering 1,600 vacancies across Europe. Here in this country, in particular, they constantly have dozens of job advertisements on the market, which already sets them aside from the majority of other employers.

"Our employment potential is even greater, because in the last two years we've entered many technological areas and we're intensively looking for employees in the field of embedded solutions, Cloud and Big Data," explained director Vladimir Kosanovic. Here they work on dozens of projects from the automotive, telecommunications, technology and healthcare sectors, mostly for clients from across the pond in the US and closer to home in Germany.

“Some of the bigger and more interesting projects are the migration of business to the cloud, ie the transformation of monoliths into micro-service architecture in Azure for a leader in the external workforce management sector. As part of that, we have several projects in which our teams have a very important role in coordinating 26 teams at the global level,'' explained Kosanovic. That's not all, either. After recently establishing a healthcare vertical, the Croatian GlobalLogic team is now facing a few new challenges.

“They're working on the development of the most advanced self-dosing insulin regulation system. This is a very interesting and demanding project that involves certification according to the most demanding criteria. The device should help diabetics when they go to regulate their blood sugar levels by automatically applying insulin. With the help of experts from the group and our knowledge in the field of installation solutions, we're successfully building this vertical as well,'' revealed the head of the Croatian branch of this impressive company.

However, we shouldn't neglect what is most characteristic of GlobalLogic, which is Croatian as much as it is global, and that is the development of software for the automotive industry.

“We're traditionally strong here and we're working on safety projects and the development of various functionalities of the vehicles of the future. In addition, in the financial industry, we work for the largest and fastest growing B2B electronic payment network in the world, Bottomline. We're also working on the development of software for small household appliances,'' added Kosanovic.

GlobalLogic also touched on pay in their transparency. Kosanovic was not exact in numbers, but noted:

"Salaries depend on the technology and experience of individual engineers, but in general it can be said that GlobalLogic offers an excellent salary, it's very competitive in the field of IT, but we look at employee satisfaction holistically, taking into account various tangible and intangible benefits. Not least, we take into account responsible and competent managers, a factor that is extremely important to potential employees, according to our experience, and confirmed through research,'' said Vladimir Kosanovic, concluding that this year, GlobalLogic will continue to invest in its blossoming Croatian subsidiary.

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