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Croatian Mabrouk Cosmetics Made from Mare's Milk Impress Buyers

By 28 January 2022

January the 28th, 2022 - Croatian Mabrouk products are winning over the hearts and wallets of both Germans and Swedes, and it was only thirteen months ago when they first launched their cosmetic product line.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marta Duic writes, Tamara and Zoran Rebic from Veliko Trojstvo in Bjelovar-Bilogora County produce mare's milk, and they started doing so because of the respiratory problems their two sons suffered, as following the consumption of that milk they successfully alleviated their issues.

In addition to selling both fresh and frozen mare's milk, they also produce cosmetics with it, which made this young family a pioneer in the production of cosmetics of this particular animal origin in Croatia.

“First, a mare’s milk soap was created that delighted our friends, and then a cream that won people over with its beneficial effect on the skin. In the further development of other products, we had the help of experts and pharmacists who brought the recipe to perfection. That's how the natural cosmetics with mare's milk from the Croatian Mabrouk company were created, which was named after our stallion, Mabrouk Amor,'' revealed Tamara Rebic. Today, they have five products in the Croatian Mabrouk assortment - cream, shampoo, soap, balm and lotion, and there are fifteen horses living on their seven-hectare property, which includes a stable and pastures.

“There is a lot of work to be done on the farm, but we want to continue taking care of the horses and dealing with the milking process itself. We produce the mare's milk ourselves and process it into powder through the lyophilisation process. Considering that we made larger lots and quantities of cosmetics, we agreed to cooperate with another company that manufactures cosmetics, which only made doing business easier. This year past year was full of surprises for us, as only thirteen months ago we launched the first cosmetic product line. It was a long-term process that lasted more than a year. When our products passed all the necessary analyses, we started selling them on social media.

Since the coronavirus pandemic closed many doors in terms of sales at that time, we created our own webshop, which proved to be a very effective way to communicate with customers and sell Croatian Mabrouk products,'' they explained.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic is now no longer what it once was owing to the advent of the vaccine, their web shop is still up, running and working hard, and in addition to small specialised stores selling domestic products, Croatian Mabrouk cosmetics has also established cooperation with the giant retailer dm.

As Rebic pointed out, their customers are all those who appreciate and love natural cosmetics.

''We get a lot of orders from outside Croatia, from countries such as Germany, Austria, Sweden and Ireland, so our plan is to cooperate with several stores with natural cosmetics,'' concluded Tamara Rebic.

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