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Kutina Company Opts to Make Pet Beds Instead of Closing Down

By 13 January 2022

January the 13th, 2022 - The global coronavirus crisis has put all economic entities into difficult waters, but one Kutina company headed by Marija Fresl, an entrepreneur who has been in the textile industry for many years now, launched Hudog & Hucat, a line of pet products for cats and dogs, last year.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marta Duic writes, part of this Kutina company's production was redirected to the production of canvas beds and toys and blankets primarily designed for dogs and cats.

Although only twn months have passed since the launch of this Kutina company's first product line, the beds and pillows from this brand have already found their way to the shelves of the Emmezeta retail chain in Zagreb, Split, Osijek and in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, as well as to some leading pet stores in Zagreb, Rijeka and Split.

“After I finished my studies in clothing technology, I opened a company and a boutique in my hometown of Kutina. I sewed, tailor-made dresses, costumes, wedding dresses... and I started enaging in this work on my mother's home sewing machine. Back in 2000, I bought several machines and started a sewing service for textile companies in Croatia and abroad. We worked for Benetton for many years, and our 40 employees produced 3,000 T-shirts a day. Back in 2015, in addition to the sewing service I offered, I also launched the women's clothing brand Tara fashion, which we've been selling in boutiques across Croatia ever since. I intend to dedicate myself more to this brand during 2022,'' explained Marija Fresl. But, as she added, the coronavirus crisis has hit everyone in the fashion industry hard because the importance of clothes fell into the background almost overnight.

“The option was to put the key in the lock or to try to reorient ourselves, so we adjusted so that we could maintain the production of cotton protective masks, which we initially supplied to large companies, and then later on to leading retail and drugstore chains and pharmacies. However, last year the sales of masks dropped significantly, so we instead took to taking the creation of the Hudog & Hucat brand more seriously, which is based on making pet beds,'' explained this Kutina company's innovative owner.

The production of the Hudog & Hucat line is located in Kutina, in an area covering ​​350 square metres in which they have about forty industrial textile machines, and wooden beds for them are made by a carpentry workshop which is also based in Kutina.

"Our capacities are large, we're ready to take on some more serious work and large quantities, so we can fulfill even demanding orders in a short time. For example, a truck with pet beds can be loaded in ten days, so our customers receive the goods within three days of ordering them.

I must emphasise the importance of the workshop staff, some of whom have been with me for fifteen years now. I know we can produce a quality product because whatever I imagine in my head, my girls do their best to create and find a solution for even the most demanding crafts. Quality associates allow me to have a high quality range of products for all tastes, as well as for all sizes of dogs,'' said Fresl.

Outside Croatian borders

Their products can be bought in large pet shops and stores across the country, but this Kutina company's goals don't stay within the boundaries of Croatia, and Fresl pointed out that they have just started expanding to foreign markets. They already have a point of sale in Graz (Austria), and are in negotiations with five centres in the region (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and elsewhere in Europe, as well as across the pond the USA and Canada.

“Back at the beginning, we started with 25 items designed for dogs in several sizes and in a range of colours and different designs. We're planning exclusive products for cats, but also some more new products for dogs. We want to enable our clients to buy both new beds and certain accessories, such as covers, new fabrics and even leashes. We're not lacking when it comes to ideas. We want to sell Hudog & Hucat all over the world, but we'll always produce everything right here in Croatia,'' concluded this Kutina company's owner, Marija Fresl.

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