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Dubravka Mandic Returns from Paris to Croatia, Creates DermaWise

By 27 November 2021

November the 27th, 2021 - Dubravka Mandic from Eastern Croatia has been in the challenging corporate world for a long time, but upon returning to Croatia from the French capital of Paris, she decided to enter entrepreneurial waters.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Ivan Tominac writes, Dubravka Mandic from Osijek has been a part of the corporate world for a long time. She has worked in the automotive industry for the last ten years, and has spent the last five in Paris working for the PSA group. After the expiration of her contract, she decided to stay in Paris as a ''tourist'' of sorts and enjoy life.

She took a step back and decided that she would no longer be part of the corporate world and that she wanted to do something that made her happy. While still living in Paris, she began to take her long-term hobby, the production of cosmetic products, more seriously, attending various educational workshops, seminars and online courses.

Dubravka Mandic pointed out that her love for cosmetics has been present ever since she was a child, when her mother watched her walk around the house with strange masks on her face. “In our teens, we sat down together, drank chamomile tea and put face masks on, we used to set our own little spa up. Thanks to my mum, I discovered very early on how to make some macerates and hydrolates. Then, of course, I couldn't even dream or imagine how important it would become in my life and how much it would ultimately determine my life path,'' says Dubravka Mandic, who, after returning to Zagreb, decided to establish her own company for the production of cosmetic products - DermaWise.

“We're a young, energetic and innovative company. Our vision is to produce specific products that are intended primarily for health, and then for entertainment and beauty. Be Wise, Use DermaWise is our logo that clearly sends a message to our customers. We believe that it is wise to use products whose manufacturers have focused on quality rather than quantity. I'm the owner and creator, but also the ambassador of my brand, so when you ask me which model is behind the brand, I'd say an authentic, social model that is miles away from the traditional, corporate model. Today, customers want to see the people behind the brand, and I want to make that possible for them.

All of our products have been tested and their effectiveness has been proven. It was very important for us to confirm the effectiveness because there are a large number of preparations on the market that promise miraculous results without any studies done. Dubravka Mandic pointed out that they plan to expand the range of products in two directions - cosmetics for intimate care and special preparations for targeted dermatological problems.

“We are preparing some very interesting products and we're currently testing four new products. We hope that we will be able to launch all four of them over the next six months,'' concluded entrepreneur Dubravka Mandic.

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