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PHOTOS: Incredible Colours of Osijek Parks in Autumn 2021 by Slama Art

By 10 November 2021
Osijek Parks in Autumn 2021
Osijek Parks in Autumn 2021 Nikola Faller, adapted by TCN

November 10, 2021 – Osijek parks in Autumn 2021 are exploding in colour, as shown in these new photos of the incredible natural art of Slama's Nikola Faller.

They say Osijek is the greenest city in Croatia. Indeed, you can stroll across much of the town without ever needing to walk next to a road.

Appreciated by city residents and visitors both, Osijek's green spaces include many kilometres of riverside promenade and several hectares of parkland. Enjoyable at any time of year, Osijek parks in Autumn 2021 are particularly special. Only, in this season, they're not just green spaces. Right now they're exploding with colours.



The striking shades of gold, brown, red and yellow have again this year been put to good use by local artist Nikola Faller. Under the name of his Slama Art project, Nikola has been creating natural and seasonal artworks in and around Osijek for over 15 years.



In these recently released photos, we see the breathtaking colours of autumn leaves raked into new symbols and shapes by Nikola. After completing the works, Nikola flies a drone overhead to capture his art in photo. In fact, you can spot him in a couple of these images, flying his drone.



These photographs are often the only way Nikola's artwork is preserved. In a TCN profile from last year, Nikola explained that he uses all-natural and seasonal components in his art. And, in respect to the natural environment he uses as a canvas, he creates works that are not permanent. In winter, the ice sculptures he makes just melt away. His creations using raked leaves are simply blown back into a natural disarray by the wind.



Since Nikola has been photographing his work, he has become known throughout the country. He now travels across different regions of Croatia, creating his artworks and leading educational, fun workshops on natural art.



All photos © Nikola Faller / Slama Land Art Osijek