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97% of Croatian eWyse E-Learning Company's Revenue Comes from Abroad

By 20 October 2021

October the 20th, 2021 - The Croatian eWyse e-learning company has been doing excellently, with a massive 97 percent of its revenue being earned on foreign markets.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, Martina Osmak, the operations director of the Croatian eWyse e-learning company explained that up until fairly recently, digital learning was considered for use only for occupational training and the like, but people are becoming more and more aware of the need for this form of training for new employees, the transfer of knowledge about products and/or services, and even for the purpose of making sales (in the sense of educating customers).

For the second time, the Croatian eWyse e-learning company has been placed on the list of the best companies in the world for the development of digital learning content for 2022. They have been recognised as one of the best providers of customised content for e-learning, which is just one in a series of worldwide accolades over the past four years.

The company was founded 12 years ago

The company was founded back in 2009 by Mario Buljan, who at the time worked as a business coach with clients from all over the Republic of Croatia. Until 2015, the company dealt exclusively with the training of its working team, but Buljan then noticed that the world of education was moving in a much more digital direction.

The main activity of the company today is the production of e-learning content (digital education) and the development of courses for major global brands, and they're distinguished from the competition by their different sort of approach, claims Martina Osmak.

“We put a lot of effort into the very presentation of our content - through trends such as storytelling, gamification, game-based learning, including the use of animation, multimedia and professional narrators with acting experience, we create content that is both interesting and instructive and achieves its goal, which is knowledge transfer.

In addition to the courses themselves, we also work on the platforms on which these courses are located (learning management system), we produce various educational and marketing videos and animations, we make accompanying educational materials (workbooks, brochures, etc.), we develop strategies for the client (an application of blended learning - part live, part digital), and more or less everything that has to do with education.

Almost all of our clients start with onboarding as the first topic. This topic is particularly important in industries where there is a constant large influx of new employees (eg the hotel and hospitality and catering industries). Then comes a wide range of various other topics such as product knowledge, legal issues, compliance and more,'' says Osmak, who notes that the demand for digital education is growing among Croatian companies.

It is interesting, she says, that they first broke through and proved themselves in the world, and only now is it Croatia's turn. Owing to that fact, more than 97 percent of their revenue comes from abroad, and only about three percent from here on the domestic market.

"We're very glad that we've positioned ourselves so well out there on the foreign market because it gives us financial security, and at the same time it's a confirmation of our quality, because the competition abroad is huge. Despite this, we'd certainly like to increase the number of clients here on the domestic market. After all of our successful projects for foreign clients, we know that we can give world quality through out company. We're just starting a project with a client from Washington whose goal is to help young people from vulnerable groups (poverty, discrimination, family issues) to choose the path of education and to direct them in time in a good way, so as not to end up in correctional facilities or prison. It isn't a small thing to work on a project that aims to save lives and that's why we're all really delighted with this,'' said the Croatian eWyse e-learning company's chief operating officer.

Among the more interesting and award-winning projects of this company is Revival, which entered the global Adobe competition where they won third place in a competition of about 50 other projects worldwide. The project is cooperation between Croatia and Italy, and is sponsored by the European Union.

"The desire is to revitalise, that is, to revive old and forgotten buildings that were previously important to their communities. That’s why we opted for 360 access (virtual reality) to allow people to ''walk'' virtually through these old and abandoned buildings. In addition, we're pleased that we really cover all industries, and soon all continents of the world. Our projects are from the fields of finance, hotel industry, religion, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, the fashion industry, production facilities,'' stated Osmak.

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