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Zagreb Disquorse Company Going Global Following Croatian, German Success

By 10 September 2021

September the 10th, 2021 - The Zagreb Disquorse company has launched, as its founders claim, a well-known unique, digital solution that quickly drives organisational agility.

As Novac/Jozo Vrdoljak writes, this Croatian company's solution is a simple desktop application (app) that combines smart technology, business-relevant content and an innovative learning method, and is applicable in combination with common video platforms such as Webex, Zoom or Teams.

Disquorse has been launched - a digital solution that prepares organisations to grow more and create added value in their complexity. The solution had its premiere here in the Republic of Croatia, and at the end of the summer it started being used in Germany and in English-speaking countries. It encourages and supports the decentralisation of work, the democratisation of learning and the saving of time in an organisation.

Silke Hermann, who is the co-founder of the Zagreb Disquorse company along with Diana Vetturelli, explained that in a situation in which the number of surprises out there on various markets is growing every day, the need for proper communication among employees and the creation of a common understanding of organisational challenges and problems increases.

"I don't mean fun activities and communication platforms, but a real, focused and well-argued discussion. E-learning platforms, no matter how much they offer a wide range of content, can't solve these problems. One of the problems with classic e-learning offers is that they focus on the individual and primarily on the transfer of knowledge to the individual. And yes, that's necessary, but it is nowhere near close enough. Organisational learning needs much more than that.

It could almost be said that giving knowledge to individuals is the easier part. The challenge is to create collective knowledge in such a way that it can become a collective ability,'' stated Silke Hermann, who added that it's precisely for this reason that they set themselves the task of devising a solution that would allow people in companies to grapple with content and think about the context.

''The new unit of measurement for learning is a group or a team. People who work closely together and create value ​​together should also have the opportunity to learn together. Learning as a self-determining and self-organising approach and peer exchange, without trainers or moderators, and this is exactly what the disqourse enables. The most important thing is that changes aren't cascaded, which in large companies sometimes takes several years, but all employees can participate at the same time and build the same level of knowledge and mutual understanding,'' pointed out Silke Hermann, adding that disqourse is a European solution for the whole world.

Silke Hermann is otherwise the German author of an international business bestseller on the topic of complexity and organisation of the future, and the inventor of social technologies.

"The research we've been conducting since back in 2018 has shown that for now there is nothing similar in the world, and the need for a new approach is growing every day. What makes me especially happy is that we've decided to establish a company of the same name right here in Croatia and from here encourage organisational changes around the world,'' explained Silke Hermann.

Diana Vetturelli explained that when you ask six board members about the concept of agility and a more agile way of working and why such things are needed you will get six different answers. ''How then can we ever expect the remaining 30, 100 or 3,000 employees to have the same level of understanding or to be able to prepare for market competition and create added value. With the increased advent of teleworking, these shortcomings have become even more pronounced, and the possibility of encouraging change has only slowed down.

Croatian companies were the first in the world to test out the Zagreb Disquorse company's creation, but in the meantime we've also got have clients in Switzerland and Germany. It is currently being implemented by financial and energy sector organisations that are in the process of introducing organisational agility, but the Swiss client is one city whose interest is to prepare its administration for a new dynamic era and a decentralised way of working.

As the product was launched in late February, several customers are still in the implementation phase of the first cycle. Namely, groups of 4-6 employees go through one thematic cycle through 5 sessions lasting 90 minutes each and have a break of 7-14 days between each session. As early as September, we're starting a global business. In addition to English, German and Croatian, which have all been in use since February, we're ready to supply the Spanish, Portuguese, French and Korean-speaking markets this week, and we have established cooperation with six partner companies in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Korea and Germany. and Peru,'' concluded Diana Vetturelli.

The premiere in Croatia will take place in October at the Comeleon conference, when the Zagreb Disquorse company's project will be available to the general public for the first time.

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