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Zagreb IT Company Q Opening Brand New Office in London

By 7 September 2021
London, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom

September the 7th, 2021 - Brexit or no Brexit, the British capital is still a huge allure for many companies from the rest of Europe and the world. The wildly successful Zagreb IT company Q is yet another Croatian company to put down roots in one of Europe's most expensive and beautiful cities. The company is not only opening a British office, but planning further employment, too.

As Novac writes, the Zagreb IT company Q has ambitious plans to open an office in no less than the City of London at the end of September this year. It is busy investigating the acquisition of a London-based company, and there are plans in the works to hire another hundred people this year, Q announced on Monday.

"Opening an office in London is a big step forward in terms of Q's expansion because it creates additional value for existing clients and opens up the opportunity to meet even more new ones. In addition to that, we're already looking for new staff in London, and exploring the potential acquisition of a London company," the statement from Vedran Tolic, the co-founder and chief operating officer of the Zagreb IT company Q, read.

Without revealing any details or the name of the company they intend to take over, Q says that they expect their brand new office in the international and booming British capital London to focus more strongly on strategic projects from very big brands, because they already have a number of successful collaborations with companies like The Times, BBC, Smart, uSwitch and others under their belt.

London is currently the largest market for the Zagreb IT company Q, and most of their clients are large corporations.

Q estimates that they have taken an important step by heading in the London direction towards the development of a network of offices in Europe's metropolises, with a view on the rest of the world, too.

They say that the number of new professionals they employ is constantly growing, and this year alone the team will increase by more than a hundred people, the statement concluded.

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