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Croatian Mambar Jewellery Brand to Place Other Products on Market

By 24 August 2021

August the 24th, 2021 - The Croatian Mambar jewellery brand, known so far for its earrings, is planning to put more products out onto the demanding market, including other jewellery pieces and home decorations.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Marta Duic writes, two Croatian sisters, Margita and Marina Gombar, are the creative minds behind the Croatian Mambar jewellery brand. As they explained themselves, from the very idea for the look of their earrings to the finished product, they needed up to a week.

The Croatian Mambar jewellery brand is currently a brand that sells solely earrings, but they plan to expand their offer with necklaces and bracelets, and since they also make other things in their free time, it is likely that one day, Mambar will become a brand that will expand beyond the ''confines'' of jewellery.

The Croatian Mambar jewellery brand's owners explained that they've been doing creative things for their entire lives, from sewing clothes, painting and making things, so the idea of ​​selling their earrings came to them quite naturally.

''Two to three years ago, the idea was born so that together we could make and sell the jewellery that we'd already made for our own use and as gifts to family and friends, and in 2020, we launched the Mambar brand,'' revealed Margita Gombar.

''When we figure out which direction we want to go with the making of the earrings, we make all the shapes in a couple of days and put them to bake, over the next two days, we test the durability of the product, then we bake them again and assemble the earrings into a final product that the customers see. However, in addition to earrings, we also pay attention to our packaging, and we dedicate a lot of time to personalising the package,'' noted Gombar.

They advertise their products mostly through Instagram, and then through Facebook, and ordering is possible not only through social media but also through their e-mail address. Gombar noted that they also receive orders for jewellery according to an individual customer's personal taste, but it seems that their customers really like their existing designs from shape to colour very much.

Although their main guiding thread is jewellery, Gombar revealed that they don't want to stop there. Namely, as she said, they have always been interested in decorations and accessories for the home, so they don't want to limit themselves only to jewellery. However, the most important thing in this entrepreneurial story is for them to stay in this together and respect each other’s ideas.

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