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Croatian Sisters Create Clothes from Recycled Fibres, Natural Materials

By 20 August 2021

August the 20th, 2021 - Two Croatian sisters have come together to create 100 percent recycled clothing and other fashion accessories, using only all natural fibres and materials.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, Piki Poma is a new line of sustainable clothing from the Fjaba brand, made of 100 percent recycled fibes which are permanently pleated, and fashion accessories made of environmentally friendly and all-natural materials.

Behind the line are textile clothing designer Mirna Litovic and graphic technology engineer Ida Litovic Babic, two Croatian sisters who founded the Fjaba brand way back in 2006. Since then, they say, they have been present on the Croatian and foreign scene through the presentation of their impressive collections at fashion events such as Cro-a-Porter.

The collections made by the two Croatian sisters are made in only a small series, and their unique models are available in two stores in Split and several concept stores in Croatia and abroad.

When it comes to the choice of name, the two sisters say that the name of the collection was created spontaneously during the tomato season back in 2019 - piki has been taken from the English phrase ''picky'', meaning choosy, and ''poma'' comes from the Dalmatian word for tomato.

"True tomato lovers know how difficult it is to find the ''perfect'' tomato that will delight your body and soul, the type you'll remember. We like the idea of ​​the perfect tomato. The idea behind ​​Piki Poma has been around for a long time, in fact, for as long as it took for it to take on its shape and name. The beginning of the pandemic allowed us to 100% dedicate ourselves to that idea, to create something beautiful in those difficult times. Neither the pandemic nor the constraints that complicated the realisation of the project could prevent Piki Poma from seeing the light of day,'' say the two determined Croatian sisters, who use only environmentally sustainable, high-quality materials for their creations.

According to the principle of slow fashion, they produce functional and timeless models, and they're always, they say, looking for new and innovative production techniques.

It took two years to present their first model of clogs, then came their bags. In addition to clogs and bags, they offer a collection of clothes made of recycled material and a collection of wooden bracelets.

"The message would be that sustainable fashion can be very innovative and creative. We only create products that we would wear ourselves, which easily fit into everyday life, and yet remain original and different. The prototypes are created in a small studio in Split. According to the principles of sustainable fashion, we don't create stock, our products are made to order,'' stated Mirna and Ida.

Their goal, they conclude, is to supplement the sales range, to work on their brand visibility both in Croatia and abroad, and expand their sales channels and their list of partners abroad.

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