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Uplift Platform Seeks to Aid Small Enterprises in Market Development

July the 30th, 2021 - The Uplift platform is a Croatian platform aimed at providing help and aid to micro and small enterprises in terms of their wider market development.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Lucija Spiljak writes, micro, small and medium entrepreneurship is recognised as one of the key segments of the Croatian economy, and encouraging their improvement is vital for the development of a better and more competitive economy, at least according to Gea Kariz, the Marketing Manager at Mastercard, which is the holder of the platform.

The Uplift platform is aimed at helping micro-enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises in their growth and development of business here in Croatia, offering more than 130 informative and educational texts, more than fifteen videos, as well as possibilities for networking, mentoring and even promotion.

Relevant research, analyses and studies in cooperation with the Zagreb Institute of Economics will be regularly published on the Uplift platform, in order to educate and inspire those seeking such help. "Through the Uplift project, we want to provide this segment with everything that is needed for the technological and market development of these companies," added Kariz.

Advice will be shared by numerous Croatian experts from various, sometimes very different fields of expertise, in order to provide all those seeking the Uplift platform's help with a spring in their step.

On the site, visitors will be able to watch a series of video Uplift interviews with well known Croatian TV presenter and editor Zoran Sprajc, where entrepreneurs, experts and consultants will explain what obstacles they have encountered in their business journeys and what steps need to be taken in order to run a successful business.

Luka Baranovic from Humanact, Hrvoje Cosic from Aircash, Hrvoje Bujas from Crno jajete, Maruska Vizek from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Zoran Pejovic from Paradox Hospitality, Marin Medak from RougeMarina are just some of the interlocutors.

As part of the Uplift platform, a special educational programme has been designed, Uplift Academy, aimed primarily at micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from the tourism sector. The idea is to adapt the programme to the current needs of the market through the seasons.

The online programme lasts 20 weeks and a total of 200 hours is conducted by Algebra, beginning in October this year. The first generation of the academy will consist of 32 scholarship holders who will have the opportunity to attend the Uplift Academy for free.

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