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Life in Dubrovnik BEFORE 1667 Earthquake: Spectacular 3D Animation (VIDEO)

By 10 January 2021

January 10, 2021 - It was an advanced civilisation devastated by Croatia's most powerful earthquake. So what was life like in Dubrovnik before 1667? A stunning 3D animation gives us some clues.

It was a civilisation ahead of its time, abolishing slavery, for example, back in 1416, more than 500 years before the founding of the United States of America. 

A picturesque and historic stone town on the Adriatic, whose republic was a global leader in trade, diplomacy and shipbuilding. 

For those who wonder at the magnificence of Dubrovnik today, there is perhaps even more to admire in the golden era of the Republic of Ragusa, as Dubrovnik was once known.

And, with the aid of modern technology, we can get a glimpse of life in the Republic of Ragusa, aka Dubrovnik before 1667, when life changed forever one morning in April.  

A stunning 3D animation by Stipan Ujdur from Opuzen gives a very graphic and detailed look at how daily life was in Dubrovnik before 1667.

All that was to change in seconds, however, as we covered a couple of days ago - the before, during and after animation of the 1667 quake, which measured 7.2 on the Richter scale, destroyed the city in seconds, killed an estimated 5,000 people, and had a fire raging for 20 days.  

Out of destruction comes rebirth, and the Dubrovnik rebuilt itself magnificently, going on to become known globally as the Pearl of the Adriatic and - more recently - Kings Landing after the filming of the hit HBO-show, Kings Landing. A recent promotional video from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board shows the magnificent of the city more than 350 years after it was reduced to rubble. 

And there is plenty to admire in Dubrovnik today, as TCN will be exploring in a new feature in 2021. For now, you can follow the latest TCN news from Dubrovnik here.



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