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Croatian Company Serengeti Secures Job in Heart of Global IT Industry

By 14 November 2020

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 13th of November, 2020, although the phrase "every crisis is an opportunity" sometimes sounds a bit odd when it comes to recognising the Croatian company Serengeti's Team Extension work model, the ongoing coronavirus crisis has really prompted many companies to recognise this model as an ideal business model.

In the first 10 months of this year alone, the Croatian company Serengeti, which deals with IT, successfully concluded 8 contracts with new clients, which is a step up from 2019, long before the pandemic hit. What is particularly gratifying is that Serengeti was able to sign a contract in early November 2020 with a client from California, which is the very heart of the global IT industry.

"This is a very valuable and large project that affects this industry on a global level. Given this, as expected, it's a very demanding project in the technological sense, it also means long-term cooperation. It's an e-commerce platform that deals with health services, which also includes integrated counselling of those interested in making the best choice for their healthcare. This includes the following functionalities related to B2C and back office: lead generation, connection to the contact centre, the content management of the portal, billing, as well as analytics and reporting,'' revealed Goran Kalanj, the CEO of the Croatian company Serengeti.

Although this isn't their first client from American soil, this contract is special because of the size and seriousness of the project they will be working on. Serengeti is known as an IT company that since its inception has been working on large enterprise projects and for companies that are leaders in their industries, whose products are used by millions of users around the world.

"For our model of work, this crisis has brought about one good thing, and that's that companies that were previously skeptical about remote working have now realised that this is a serious business model that has more advantages than it has disadvantages. This opened up an additional opportunity that we didn't want to miss out on,'' added Kalanj.

By the further expansion of Serengeti into the promising American market, their developers have the ability to work on global projects. The Croatian company Serengeti is otherwise continuously hiring new employees, and plans to hire new developers to work on various pieces of technology by the end of this year. This year, they launched two new development centres in Serbia and Kenya. In 2021, in addition to their offices in Zagreb, Varazdin and Bjelovar, they plan to open offices in Split and Rijeka.

The Croatian company Serengeti builds its expertise primarily in industrial production, finances, energy logistics and retail. They have helped many clients implement an agile way of working as well as advanced DevOps methodologies, automated testing, and advanced SCRUM practices. It's worth recalling that they also recently announced that they have started a collaboration with the American company Tricentis, a world leader in automated software testing, which is one in a series of very large projects.

On top of their business success, the Croatian company Serengeti is also distinguished by their enviable so-called ''work-life balance'' and nurturing the same core values; teamwork, agility, ambition and professionalism.

Additionally, work is continuing on improving the soft skills of developers to better fit into the client culture that is mapped to a particular project. Like many other companies, they have a variety of benefits, rewards and bonuses for their employees. However, the biggest reward is the customer satisfaction with their developers who regularly receive words of praise and very high ratings in periodic questionnaires as well as on external platforms like Clutch.

The Croatian IT scene has been recording significant successes lately, which is only confirmed by Serengeti, which, in addition to a significant number of new large projects, recently became a co-owner of the RedAI application, which uses artificial intelligence technology to analyse the situation on shelves in just a few seconds. Systematic business improvement at all levels and nurturing company values ​​are what have enabled the Serengeti to grow rapidly and work with companies that are true leaders in their respective fields.

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