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Zagreb Company Perpetuum Connects Keks Pay with Magento

By 27 October 2020

As Gordana Grgas/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 26th of October, 2020, the Zagreb-based IT company Perpetuum Mobile has developed, in cooperation with Erste Bank, a software solution that enables payment with the Keks Pay mobile application in web shops based on the Magento platform.

As Ivo Spigel, co-founder and member of the board of Perpetuum, revealed, this platform is among the strongest and most popular for medium and large clients, it is used by more than 250 thousand web shops across the world, and by about two hundred here in Croatia.

The software solution they developed (the so-called extension that allows merchants to accept and customers to pay using Keks Pay) is free for all companies that want to use it.

The first web shop where it is already in operation is the Fraktura publishing house, which has been selling books online for years through the Magento platform. The point now, as Perpetuum's Ivo Spiegel explained, is that their mobile application solution drastically simplifies the payment process - and thus significantly reduces the percentage of cancellations, making payment much easier for customers.

Of course, now everything depends on the market, ie on how many merchants here in Croatia will be accept Magento, ie how many banks will gain a user for their payment application, and currently there are more than 150 thousand of them.

"From our perspective as an e-commerce company, we can see that the interest of Croatian businessmen in e-business has been growing strongly in 2020, not only in B2C (business-to-consumer) but also in the extremely important B2B (business- to-business) segment,'' explained Perpetuum's co-founder. He added that it is very important for a merchant to be able to use the highest quality e-commerce software for their e-business, and in professional circles, it's most often called a "platform".

Magento is from the portfolio of Adobe, one of the global software giants. Erste already has one payment software solution, implemented for another platform, WooCommerce. For Perpetuum, this is an important step, Spiegel emphasised, in the long-term strategy of connecting various new, innovative payment systems with various e-commerce platforms, both through cooperation with "fintech startup" companies and established companies in the world of finance.

Some more solutions are already in the plan and preparation stages, specifically for the Keks Pay platform. The company is one of the oldest in the IT sector in the country, today with about 40 employees, and last year it had a revenue of 30.4 million kuna, which was mostly generated through licensed software services, as a partner of Microsoft and others.

Perpetuum has also previously developed the integration of the "independent" mobile payment applications Settle and Magento platform, of which the results are still awaited.

"Settle hasn't yet hit the market, but we hope that it will develop, because the company plans to make the Settle application available across all EU markets," Spiegel stated. Settle launched the Oslo-based startup Auka a few years ago, and in March it received a new, significantly improved version for Android and iOS. In addition to Keks Pay and Settle, the Aircash application for mobile payment is also being affirmed here on our market.

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