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Total Croatia Travel INFO Viber Community Sees 100K Visits in First Month

By 22 June 2020

June 22, 2020 - The new Total Croatia Travel INFO Viber community passes 100,000 visits in its first month - thank you!

It is just over a month since I visited the main Bregana border crossing between Croatia and Slovenia with PR guru, Kresimir Macan. It was certainly an educational trip, which showed the realities on the ground

On the way back to Zagreb, I asked Macan why Croatia did not have a Viber group for the latest travel information, as it did for corona updates. The corona Viber updates have been an invaluable service in keeping about half a million subscribers fully informed. With so much confusion regarding travel in these uncertain times, why did the Ministry of Tourism not follow the Ministry of Health's excellent example?

"Let's do it ourselves and create our own Viber community. Come to the office on Tuesday, and we will do it."


And with the help of these two Manjgura interns initially, Macan of course, and several other members from the TCN and Manjgura teams (huge thanks to all), our little Total Croatia Travel INFO Viber community became quite a fascinating project, and one which I have learned a lot from in the last month. 

Yes, we were giving out lots of free information, but the community was also giving us gold - real-life experiences of border crossings (successful and unsuccessful), of flights boarded and flights where boarding was denied. 

It is, I believe the place where the most accurate information in this very uncertain time can be found about travel to Croatia, and I am immensely proud of the whole team involved for what we have achieved. 

Especially since I got word from Viber today that our little community has been visited 100,000 times in its first month. Many thanks to all of you who have joined the community and shared your experiences, so that we could build a more comprehensive and accurate picture for tourists who are yet to arrive. 

If you would like to join the Total Croatia Travel INFO Viber community and have your question answered in real time, you can join here (you will need to download the Viber app). 

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