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Connecting Croatia to Dubrovnik: Sunset at the Peljesac Bridge

By 23 May 2020
Connecting Croatia to Dubrovnik: Sunset at the Peljesac Bridge
Photo credit: Petar

May 23, 2020 - Coronavirus may have slowed down the global economy, but one project in Croatia is moving ahead at speed - sunset at the Peljesac Bridge. 

The economy may be much slower globally due to COVID-19, but some things are moving along apace, including a major infrastructure project the two parts of Croatia, which are currently physically separated by the 23-kilometre Neum Corridor, the coastal stretch of Bosnia and Hercegovina which gave BiH access to the sea as part of the Dayton Agreement, which brought an end to the war in the 1990s. 

After many years of political promises, construction of the bridge began. And having begun, work has moved on briskly. Once completed, the bridge will connect the mainland to the Pejlesac peninsula just before the Bosnian border, thereby connecting Croatia's two parts for the first time. 

Currently, the only option to get from Dubrovnik to the rest of Croatia without crossing the border is to take the ferry from Trpanj on the peninsula to Ploce. 

According to a project insider, works are progressing well, and things are currently on schedule for the bridge and all access roads to be completed by January, 2022.

In the meantime, enjoy the view!

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