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The Croatian Connection Inside the Luxury Oscars $225,000 Gift Bag

By 14 February 2020

February 14, 2020 - How to overcome the pain of coming second at the Oscars? A luxury Croatian product is just one of the consolation prizes to take away the pain. 

There are consolation prizes, and there are consolation prizes. 

Being nominated for the Oscars must be the pinnacle of any acting career, and coming second is undoubtedly a huge disappointment, but it seems that nobody goes home emptyhanded.  

The actual Oscar statuette (also with its own Croatian connection) costs in the region of $400 to make, but every winner and runner up this year received a gift bag worth an astonishing $225,000. 


And that bag included a gift that was made in Croatia - could you imagine a better holiday to get away from the world and getting over the disappointment of coming second? 

The nominees also receive vouchers to redeem the big-ticket items, such as a 12-day cruise on the Scenic Eclipse, a yacht for 220 guests, with butler service, two helicopters and a spa. (Dame Helen Mirren is actually the “godmother” of the Scenic Eclipse.) The expedition, provided by Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours, is valued at $78,190; it is the most extravagant gift in Distinctive Assets’ history. Destinations include Antarctica and the Mediterranean. For intrepid guests, there is also a trip on a submarine capable of diving 1,000 feet.

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The amazing gift is not the only connection between Scenic Eclipse and the Oscars. As mentioned above by Forbes, Dame Helen Mirren is the official godmother of the luxury polar discovery yacht, and her distinguished acting career has also included an Oscar for Best Actress in 'The Queen'. Check out the famous British actress in her godmother role on Scenic Eclipse, below. 

As recently reported on TCN, Scenic Eclipse is a 200-million-euro luxury polar discovery yacht, which was built in Pula. It is the first of its type and opens up a completely new frontier in luxury tourism, taking its guests to parts of the world that larger vessels can only dream about. And the exciting news for Croatia's embattled shipbuilding industry, is that the Scenic owners are in talks with the Croatian government to build five more ships in Rijeka, in a 900-mllion-euro deal which could bring job security - and new jobs - to Rijeka's shipyard. 

Just one more example of Croatian excellence on the global stage. To learn more about exciting things being produced in Croatia, follow our dedicated Made in Croatia section.