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VIDEO: Meet "Ida" - First Diesel-Electric Catamaran from Šibenik Shipyard

By 17 November 2019

The Croatian shipbuilding industry is ailing and in need of urgent help, but not everything is so bleak. While the shipyards in Rijeka and Pula (3 Maj and Uljanik) suffer, one smaller shipyard in Šibenik has produced an impressive vessel. Meet Ida.

As Morski writes on the 16th of November, 2019, "Ida", a working ship for the maintenance of marine organisms, is the first ship with hybrid diesel-electric propulsion built in the historic Dalmatian city of Šibenik, and is also the 100th ship of its kind built for Norway through the Šibenik-based CroNoMar.

The ship was built by workers of the Iskra Shipyard shipyard in Šibenik, which was until recently known as NCP RB Šibenik. It is 13.75 metres long and eight metres wide and is powered by both diesel and electric motors. The ship also has new electrical installations, high capacity batteries, electrical propulsion and cranes, winches and other machines powered solely by electricity, writes the local portal Šibenik News.

It is an innovative vessel designed to reduce emissions and greenhouse gases and was developed for the needs of the Norwegian mariculture sector. Diesel engines, which were the only propulsion of working catamarans, will now be used 75 percent less than previously used to serve fish farms and other marine organisms, that is, only for navigation between shores and farms.

When the boat arrives at the fish farm, the diesel engines are shut off and run only electrically, thus achieving zero emission of gases along the food production zone.

The ship was designed by the Norwegian company Marin Design AS and was built entirely at the Iskra Shipyard in Šibenik. Reducing diesel consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions is one of Norway's strategic goals, and for Croatia to begin building hybrid-powered ships is an important technological step that will ensure Croatian shipbuilding is competitive in applying new technologies and building eco-friendly ships.

Watch the video of Ida below:

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