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In Life and In Death, Croatia are World Champions at Celebration

By 1 August 2018

August 1, 2018 - July, 2018 was quite a month for Croatia. From World Cup Finalists in Moscow to the pain of one of its most beloved sons. The stylish celebration was breathtaking. 

Being English, and an immigrant at that, it is hard to feel the national pride that I come across so much on my travels. 

Never more so than in Croatia. 

The last month has been astonishing. 

550,000 people on the streets of Zagreb to welcome home the World Cup heroes. And they didn't even win! Unless you count hearts, of course. 

And just when we were recovering from that, the tragic passing of a Croatian legend, bigger even perhaps than Luka Modric and the entire World Cup team.

Oliver Dragojevic was Croatia's best-loved singer and a physical part of the lives of so many people. When was the last time a national day of mourning was named for the passing of a British singer?

And just as the World Cup celebrations of joy were outstanding, so too the recognition of the passing of one of Croatia's biggest legends. 

Classy on both counts, and from an Englishman living in Croatia for many years, svaka cast. 

RIP Oliver.